About Us

We are a bunch of travel enthusiasts who believe that keeping track of places we spot and like should be made fun and be simple. Also recommendations from our friends for our weekend planning or when we are visiting a new city should be effortless. Hence we started working on Grabbd to solve our personal problem. Now we are hoping our App will help a lot of you guys like us solve this problem as well.

Grabbd is a social app where you can:

1. Create your go-to list of restaurants, café’s and bars.

2. Easily tag the places you grab whether it's a new place you're dying to try or an old favorite you want to remember.

3. We will organize everything for you and make these lists readily available on the go when you need them.

We really hope you enjoy Grabbd and Feel free to get in touch whether you have a suggestion or simply want to say hello at hello@grabbd.com

Team Grabbd